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"The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone."

~ Albert Camus

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It's hard to believe but, this month, Legacy celebrates 13 years in business.  It's been a wild ride at times.  Remember the financial downturn of 2008-2009?  Ouch!  I'm sure we all cringe when we think of those Spartan times.

Many companies like ours folded up - there were even those who said we should consider doing the same.  But...here we are. 

Then, my mind goes back to 2005, when we started this crazy company.  Vince and I were convinced that creating a superior product for our clients and focusing on customer service would be the road to success.  In an industry that has often settled for the "good enough", we knew it would be difficult and, at times, it has been.

We wrote our own audit software, took on some fearsome projects and adapted as we went along.  The one thing we never did was back down on our commitment to live up to our quality and customer service standards. 

As Vince says, "If we make a client work, we've failed to do our job." 

When you trust a company to interact with your policyholders and agents, you expect them to do the job as you would do the job.  I can honestly say that we've tried to live up to that expectation.

Exciting things are happening at Legacy in 2018.  I can't reveal the details right now but, it's big and it's going to be great for you and for us.  Soon, I'll be letting you know of some enhancements to our service that have been in the works for the past year or so.  So, buckle up!  2018 is going to be great fun! 

We're grateful for the honor of traveling with you.

For Vince and our staff,

Myles Bancroft, APA, ALCM



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