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Company History

Legacy P&C was started in early 2005 by a group of partners who were intent on rethinking the traditional approach to Property & Casualty field services.

But don't think we're short on experience.  We've all had in excess of 15 years in the P&C industry; some upwards of 30.  All told we've spent over 100 years in this industry.
And each of us brings something a bit different to the table.  We certainly don't have an aversion to specialization.  The person who is responsible for directing each portion of our operation simply meets one requirement - he or she is the one who is best-qualified to do so.
Not only do we gather your information, we analyze it and offer suggestions on how you might want to think about it.  If this sounds like just another "vendor" service to you, we'd like to prove you wrong, if just once.
E-mail us for more information:  info@legacypcpartners.com

P.O. Box 2219  Camden, SC  29020

Phone: 877.890.2767       Fax: 614.890.2797